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Have you ever heard the saying...

Do something for 21 straight days to form a habit.


To be honest, I think about that phrase A LOT. Whether it's in the sense of setting a new morning routine where I wake up earlier, deciding to fall into a healthy pattern of daily walks or even as means to cut out bad habits like forgetting to tidy up around the house--I count to 21 days frequently. Perhaps that's not hard enough.

It's time for a challenge.

In the makers community, there's this annual challenge called The 100 Day Project in which makers of all mediums (ooh, I like how that rolls off the tongue) commit to 100 days of their craft. Knitting, carving, sketching, painting--whatever it is, the idea is to set aside time every day for 100 days towards your project.

Makers take this challenge very seriously, some even committing to take the challenge multiple years in a row. Honestly, they swear by it....

... to grow their social following (psst... @MakingUpMary).

... to try something new.

... to hone in their craft.

... to focus on consistency.

... to commit to SOMETHING.

The list goes on and on.

So, this is it. I'm throwing down the proverbial gauntlet (though, wouldn't it have been awesome if I made a ceramic gauntlet and shattered it just for this post? Maybe next year...) and challenging myself to complete The 100 Day Project for the first time--and as a relatively new face on the makers scene, I might add.

The Project

Follow along with my Instagram hashtag #CoastingTo100 as I commit to painting 100 wooden coasters over a period of 100 days, starting January 31, 2021.

[crowds cheering in the distance]

I picked up some wood slices last week and started experimenting with using gouache paint and water resistant sealant to turn them into stylish coasters. Needless to say, I fell in love with this functional art and cannot wait to get started on my 100 Day project next week.

Let's set some ground rules, for those really living for the nitty gritty details:

  1. Missing a day is OK (but honestly, a little frowned upon), but the goal is to have all 100 coasters painted by May 10, 2021.

  2. Completed coasters and coaster sets can be sold throughout the 100 day process.

  3. Commissioned coasters and coaster sets can be included in my count to 100.

  4. No rushing through a day's coaster just to add a tally to my list. Every coaster counts, and rushing through a design will not do any good for refining my skills.

Have you ever completed The 100 Day Project? Or, what project would you commit to doing every day for 100 days straight?


Connect with me on Instagram @MakingUpMary.

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