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There's something special about owning an art original. The way the colors pop, the textures and the fact that you are the only person who has that exact piece of artwork on the same paper that the artist originally worked from are just a few of the reasons why I love owning and displaying original works of art.

Two of my favorite pieces of artwork in my collection are a pair of paintings I bought years ago in Paris's art district Montmartre. There's nothing like being able to see and feel that paint texture knowing that I am the only one with that exact piece.

But, originals are not for everybody. With that uniqueness comes the cost associated with the required materials, skill level, time and more.

I'm excited to announce that Making Up Mary is now offering art prints!

Art prints are digital scans of original work painted on premium, high-quality matte paper that are then sized and ready to be placed in a frame for display. While digital prints will not deliver the same textures of the original they are based off of, they are a great option for...

  1. Making sure you get your hands on that Making Up Mary design that is already in high demand. There is only one original, but there can be countless digital prints that are equally as stunning! This way, no one misses out on their favorite works.

  2. Getting a deal. Original artwork is pricey. Digital prints allow you to purchase and enjoy the same designs for a fraction of the cost of an original piece.

Making Up Mary prints are now available on the Originals & Prints page! Additional print sizes are available upon request (AKA send me a message via the Contact page).


Connect with me on Instagram at @MakingUpMary and be sure to join the Making Up Mary Facebook Group for updates.

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