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2 Weeks Later...

I hope you read that title in the SpongeBob voiceover like I did...

It's been a hot minute since I updated you on Making Up Mary Pottery and I have good news! The studio I toured last month was ~excellent~ and I've already spent quite a few weekend hours there getting back into my groove.

Long story short: I will be opening up pottery commission requests in the near future, but am currently focusing on reintroducing myself to the art form and working out any kinks. This is all for your benefit, however, because I am very close to putting my first batch of available pottery originals on the website!

*party horns and cheering off in the distance*

I'm expecting five works to be out of the glaze fire by this weekend and hopefully an additional three added to the mix mid-to-late next week.

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you're following my Instagram @MakingUpMary and that you're in my new Facebook group Making Up Mary - Handmade Art. My lovely friends in those circles will have first glimpses and early access to submitting their pottery orders.

What piece of pottery is your home is missing? Let me know and I'll add it into my trial and error rotation this month!


Connect with me on Instagram at @MakingUpMary.

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