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Don't you just hate clichés? I couldn't help myself.

I went through university and graduate school studying to be a journalist and if I had a dollar for every time we were told "STOP USING CLICHÉS!" Well, if any of my former professors and mentors are reading this now, I'm sorry...

We're told the start of a new year is a time for revitalization: self reflection, goal setting and planning for the future. While I typically don't set New Year's resolutions, this year I dipped my toe in the water and set a 2021 intention.

I will not break promises I make to myself.

If there's one thing I've learned from the many personal development podcasts, books, conferences and webinars I've consumed it is this simple fact: The promises we make to ourselves are the most important.

Self promises are built upon hopes and dreams and goals we have for the future. Turning that into my 2021 motto is essentially saying "I am putting myself first this year in all aspects of my life."

So what kind of promises have I been making, now almost four weeks into January 2021?

1. When my day job (shout out to my fellow PR pros!) becomes too overwhelming, I'm allowed to get up and go take a walk outside.

2. If I want to start my Saturday with that not-so-healthy breakfast biscuit from one of my favorite coffee shops, I will not feel guilty about the food I've consumed (because let's be honest: it fed my soul, not just my stomach).

3. Regardless of sales and "likes," I love the Making Up Mary brand and will never forget that creating at it's core is my most precious form of therapy.

4. That my makers business matters and the time and efforts I take to pursue it are so, so worth it.

And last but not least... (another cliché, I know)

5. If I ever plan to climb (yes, I purposely am not using the verb "hike" here) a mountain again, I will do my fair share of exercise to prepare.

Did you set a New Year's resolution for 2021? Tell me all about it below in the comments. Or, tell me about a year you did set a resolution and how it worked for you.


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