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A Very Ceramic Sunday

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Usually by this time of the weekend I am full blown shaken by the Sunday scaries. Time for weekend fun begins to run out, the realization of a needed grocery store run becomes all too real, and the idea of the work week beginning again is looming.

However, today I am singing a different tune because...

Drumroll please.

Pottery is back!

I told Instagram followers yesterday that I was visiting a nearby pottery studio to see if it was a good fit to start a membership. Long story short, it was perfect for my needs as a potter right now!

So, not only did I begin my membership but I also spent 4 very quick hours throwing for the first time in a year-and-a-half. I will not lie to you, not all of it was pretty. Honestly, a lot of it was pretty dang far from pretty. But I am a firm believer in working out the kinks, and after so many months away from the wheel I was not surprised to lose so many to poor form, bad memory, and genuine clumsiness.

All in all, I ended the day with 6 works I was fairly proud of, and one relatively ugly (read: short, thick and unevenly rimmed) cup that I decided to keep only for posterity's sake. It would serve as a model of work that I would intend to always do better than.

The GOOD NEWS, however, is that I went back to the studio today to trim up yesterday's pieces and I am pleased to say 5 of the 6 soldiers made it home from war on the trimming wheel. I'm already looking forward to seeing how they look after bisque firing this week!

After a weekend of throwing in the studio I feel so, so good. It has been a long time away, and I am sure it will take a while to shake off my sea legs at the wheel, but it sure does feel good to be back at it.

I will be sure to post the finished glazed works on the Making Up Mary site on the new Pottery page. I can't wait to share these works with you!


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